MRE Finance LLC helps people over 70 years of age live in retirement with dignity and greater financial stability or who are chronically ill. We provide information about supplementing retirement, long-term care, viatical and life settlements, and how to sell unneeded or unwanted life insurance policies. Most people don’t realize that their life insurance policy may be one of the most valuable assets they own and could be sold for cash through a life settlement and the cash can be used for whatever is desired. As a result, many surrender or lapse their policies for little to no money.

MRE Finance LLC helps people who are chronically ill or in retirement live life with dignity and greater financial stability.

Knowledge is Power

At MRE Finance, we believe that knowledge is power. Our goal is to not only educate policy owners, but give them options, so they can pay for medical expenses, long term care, memory care, care for a loved one, supplement retirement, pay off a mortgage, eliminate expensive premiums, get out of debt by selling their life insurance policy or for those that are terminal. Use our free life settlement calculator to find out the potential value of your policy today and journey to financial freedom.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the Life Settlement industry and believes in ethics to help our clients begin their journey to financial freedom.