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Did you know you may be able to sell your life insurance policy?

If you own a life insurance policy of $250,000 or more and are over the age of 70 or have serious health issues, the answer is YES! Your life insurance policy will likely qualify for a life settlement. If you need cash to pay for medical bills, long-term care, or other expenses, or you no longer want to keep paying for expensive premiums, you now have an option. Your life insurance policy may have significant value and could be sold for a lump sum cash payment.

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If you have a whole life, convertible term, or universal life insurance policy, explore how you could sell your policy for a one-time cash payment. Don’t let your life insurance lapse; it could be more valuable to sell.

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Over one million seniors let their life insurance policies lapse.

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy With EASE!

Sell Your Life Insurance Policy With EASE!

It’s relatively simple to sell your policy. Transfer the ownership of the policy to a buyer, known as a life settlement provider, and you’ll receive a cash payment with no more expenses related to the policy, including premiums.

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Use our free life settlement calculator to see your policy’s potential value.

Benefits of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy For CASH

  • Eliminates expensive premiums

  • Supplements your retirement

  • Provides you cash to pay medical bills, long term or memory care

  • Offers significantly more value than surrendering or lapsing your policy

  • Pays for a family vacation home or dream holiday

  • Helps you cover expenses for a parent or loved one

  • Avoiding a reverse mortgage or a foreclosure

Get A FREE Estimate Now
Benefits of Selling Your Life Insurance Policy For CASH
Eliminates expensive premiums


Our expert team will provide you with personalized service, walk you through the transaction process, answer your questions and estimate what your policy is worth.

Life Settlement Questions

Selling a life insurance policy may be a good option for seniors 70 years or older or for individuals who are chronically or terminally ill. It may also be an option if your life circumstances have changed, your premiums are no longer affordable or you no longer have dependents who will need financial support after your passing. With increased uncertainty about the economy, many seniors are looking into how to sell their life insurance policies. Selling your policy for a lump sum cash payment can help you pay for medical bills, vacations, paying off a mortgage, or supplementing retirement while providing you greater financial security and peace of mind.

The policy owner transfers ownership of the policy to a licensed buyer known as a Settlement Provider in return for a cash payment greater than the surrender value but less than the total death benefit. The process is easy. You’ll submit an application with basic information about the policy and the insured person to be evaluated by the Provider.

Information you will need to provide is:
  • Your age
  • Health status
  • State you live in
  • Type of life insurance policy you have (whole life, convertible term, or universal life)
  • The cash surrender value (accumulated cash value) of the policy
  • Amount of premium you pay per year

Once qualified, the Provider will request additional information such as the life insurance policy documents and the medical records of the insured. The private information you provide is needed for the Provider to make a decision to purchase the policy.

MRE Finance respects your privacy and only works with licensed and reputable Providers. Selling your policy typically allows you to receive more money than if you surrender or terminate the policy with the insurance company for the cash value. If you stop paying the premiums and lapse the policy you typically will receive nothing. People often pursue a life settlement because they no longer need or can afford their life insurance policy and would rather have cash in their pocket. You can use the money received from a life settlement transaction however you’d like, including paying for long-term care needs, medical bills, or funding your retirement

The buyer/provider will walk you through the process and with the information you provide they are able to determine if you qualify and then make an offer to purchase your life insurance policy

  1. Health questionnaire. You’ll need to complete a health questionnaire.
  2. Authorization. The insured and the policy owner (if different from the insured) will need to provide authorization for the life settlement Provider to contact the insurance company on your behalf and access medical records.
  3. Insurance Policy Documents. You will need to provide a copy of the life insurance policy. If you don’t have copies available, the life settlement Provider can request these documents from the insurance company with your authorization.
  4. Evaluation. The life settlement Provider will evaluate all the details of the policy and medical records to help determine value.
  5. Offer. With all the necessary information, the life settlement provider may proceed with making you a cash offer for the policy.
  6. Closing. The closing process is the actual transfer of ownership of the policy to the Provider with all the accompanying documentation. During closing, your settlement payment will be placed in escrow until your insurance company has verified the change of ownership. Once verified, the escrow agent releases the funds and you receive your cash payout.

Overall the process takes approximately 6-8 weeks for settlement to be finalized with an experienced Provider, but timelines can vary based on who your insurance company is and the Provider receiving the needed documents.

A viatical settlement is a life settlement for those with a terminal or chronic disease. These typically are the highest valued policies – often 2 to 3 times more than a life settlement as the policyholder has a limited life expectancy. Viatical settlements are typically used by individuals who need to pay for medical expenses now, so they choose to forgo the full value of the benefit in the event of their passing and receive a payment now.

A Life settlement refers to the legal transaction between the life insurance policyholder and a third-party buyer known as a Settlement Provider for an upfront payment. Life settlement cash payouts are typically higher than your policy’s cash surrender value but less than the total death benefit of the policy. Some of the reasons why people choose a life settlement include; unaffordable premiums, medical bills, supplementing retirement, emergencies, or if they no longer need the policy for their dependents or other personal reasons. A life settlement is usually a better alternative to lapsing or the surrender of a life insurance policy.

A cash payout for a life insurance policy, on average can range from 10% to 25% of the face value of your policy. Depending on various factors, including your age, health status, and policy details the range could be higher or lower.

The answer is no. Reward yourself! Visit the grandkids, take that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, help your family with college tuition, pay off your mortgage, buy that family vacation home you have always dreamed about. Selling your life insurance policy allows you to enjoy your journey to freedom.

  • Life Settlement Calculator

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    (or policies) may be worth!

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  • Final
  • Providing your gender is important in valuing your policy.

  • years old at last birthday. Providing your age is important in valuing your policy.

  • $

    Your “policy payout” is also known as the death benefit value that your beneficiaries would receive.


    If you know what your “annual premiums” are, fill this in, but it is not needed.

  • All policy types could have value, so choose the type of policy you have. If you don’t know your policy type, just click “not sure”.

  • These 4 options are basic descriptions of your health which help us estimate the value of your policy. Choose one of the categories that best represents your current health status.

  • Life and Viatical settlements regulations vary by state, so let us know the primary state you live in.

  • Your privacy is extremely important to us. This information allows us to determine if you qualify for a life settlement. If eligible, you will receive an estimate of your policy’s potential value on the next screen. We do not sell your information and we always protect your privacy.

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