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When folks say that getting old isn’t easy, they aren’t kidding. Safety is a growing concern as we age, being safe in the home, your health and physical activity can be worrisome. That said, many seniors prove to be hardy and resourceful. You’ve gotten this far in life, the knowledge and many skills that you picked up along the way over the course of life can be extremely useful to you. 

While finances is often one of the top concerns for most seniors, safety comes in as a close second followed by medical concerns. Here are some tips to help make your retirement a safe one. Although illness can be somewhat unpredictable, you can effectively extend your lifespan by following some simple and savvy senior safety tips. 

Why Is it Important to Follow Safety Tips as a Senior Citizen?

One thing that many senior citizens don’t readily appreciate about safety tips is the fact that they tend to make them feel either old, incapable, or both. Imagine telling a WWII veteran who stormed countless buildings in their youth to be careful using the stairs. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting your senior loved ones to be safe, but you simply cannot be patronizing about it. They’ll see right through it in a New York minute. When it comes to safety tips for senior citizens, the focus should be on helping seniors stay as independent as possible. 

When you’re 65+ and retired, you don’t want to feel helpless, no one does. Senior citizens want and deserve respect. They also want independence. The key is to demonstrate how safety tips can help them retain a sense of independence.   

Upgrade Your Home to Make it Safe

If you love your home and you don’t want to have to give it up in exchange for a private or non-private room in a nursing home, you’ll want to invest in some modifications to your home to make it safer to live in. 

Aging in place is a popular concept and for good reason. Who wants to ditch the home that they spent so many years of their working life to acquire just to wind up in a squalid nursing home in the twilight of their lives? No one. 

By making some simple yet effective upgrades to your home, you can make it a safe place to live and age in place. Try installing more railings, stairlifts, senior-friendly bathtubs, and anything that can make your life easier and safer as a senior citizen. 

Don’t Take Unnecessary Physical Risks

Another tip is to avoid taking unnecessary risks as a senior citizen. When you’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you, taking risks seems much more appealing. This creates something of a paradox. Honestly, no one should be taking unnecessary risks whether they’re young or old. 

When you play sports, there’s always the chance of an injury, however, it’s much less likely to sustain an injury playing sports when you’re younger than when you’re older. Still, there’s always that chance that something could happen. 

The point is, if you’ve made it to 65 or older, it’s best to count your blessings and leave any activities that pose a physical risk to your health to the younger folks. For example, even if you’re accustomed to making repairs to your own roof, it doesn’t mean that you should still be climbing up on the roof to make repairs when you’re in your golden years. 

Keep in mind, avoiding unnecessary risks as a senior citizen doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun. Think of it this way. Wouldn’t you have more fun sipping a cocktail and lounging about on a lawn chair while a professional crew works on your roof than climbing up there on your own and sweating all day making repairs? Enough said.  

Make Some Healthy Changes to Your Diet

Although making changes to your diet might not seem like a safety tip, you’d be surprised to know just how much of an impact your diet has on your wellbeing. Eating healthy foods can help you stay mentally sharp and alert which can help you avoid clumsy accidents around the home. 

Try increasing your intake of greens, fruits, and healthy grains like quinoa while avoiding excessive amounts of red meat and foods that are high in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. When it comes to a healthy diet it’s important to remember that you can and should reward yourself once and a while. 

It’s fine to eat unhealthy food once and a while as long as you aren’t eating it all of the time. A little moderation can go a long way. 

Keep Up with Your Doctor Appointments

Finally, if you want to stay healthy and safe throughout your Golden Years, you need to keep up with your doctor appointments. If you’re 65 or older and feeling reasonably healthy, the best way to stay healthy is to follow your doctor’s advice. 

Of course, sometimes the doctor’s advice involves something extremely expensive like a certain treatment or a medication that’s not covered by your insurance. 

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