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The infamous bucket list is something that we are all familiar with.  We all have one, whether you created one before you started a family or just looking out the window and daydreaming of the wonderful things you want to do and see. It’s now time to find that list, hidden in a shoebox with our other worldly possessions that we have kept safe for so many years. Now is this time to organize your goals and dreams into one place.  We are going to go over some things that you may want to consider adding to your list and help you to check things off.  Happy exploring.

Traveling is something that everyone has done at least once in their lifetime.  Many of us experienced traveling as a young children on summer adventures with our family to a place not too far from home.  As we started a family we realized it wasn’t easy traveling with small children.  We would go to a relative’s home for a family reunion, or maybe every five years our family had enough savings to go to another state to see their local attractions.  Nowadays, you can travel just because you retired!  You no longer need a reason or an invitation to travel.  Just go!  Research places, foreign and domestic, that you have always been interested in visiting.  See what the world has to offer.  I’ve heard Area 51 has some interesting things to see.Witnessing a miracle can be a little tricky to accomplish for some.

Witnessing a miracle can be a little tricky to accomplish for some.  You must have an open mind and be willing to see the beauty in things.  It could be as simple as seeing a new life come into the world.  Maybe volunteer at a local animal shelter and help animals get adopted.  There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing a scared animal get welcomed into a loving family.  If animals aren’t your cup of tea, maybe you can volunteer at a local hospital and spend time in the labor and delivery unit.  Some hospitals have volunteers that are specifically there to cuddle newborn babies that have certain health issues.  That is definitely a win-win situation.

If you want to be more adventurous maybe a hike through the Grand Canyon or taking a helicopter to view the beauty from above.  These adventures will most definitely get your adrenaline pumping and make you feel alive again.  These things may not be recommended for those of you that have heart complications, sugar issues, or feelings of dizziness, but if you really want to tackle these things, then you should get an all-clear from your physician.  They will run a few tests, ask you some questions and help you to have the experience you are looking for.

If you are unable to get out of your house due to medical reasons or you just aren’t up to traveling, there are things you can do at home to check things off your bucket list.   Some suggestions for your bucket list are to learn chess, try water aerobics, join the local seniors walking group, finish a puzzle that you have been working on for months, binge watch some television shows or pick a genre of movies to watch like the top 100 best westerns of all time, start and complete your family tree on your mother and your father’s sides, donate to a worthy cause (veteran’s affairs, children, St. Jude, SPCA or any other cause you hold close to your heart), learn one or a few new languages or read that book that you’ve been meaning to finish since 2019!

Is food something you are passionate about?Is food something you are passionate about?  Have you enjoyed fine dining in your past life?  Your bucket list can be centered all-around food if you’d like.  Your bucket list is yours to add what you want.  Some things to add to your list would be to dine at a five-star restaurant, sign up for cooking lessons, start a homemade bakery or you can get your friends and family together to start a cooking club.  You can even donate your meals and baked goods to the less fortunate people in your area.  Not everyone has access to delicious homemade food. The world is yours to conquer no matter what your age is.  You can make a list to add to your bucket list of restaurants that have earned a Michelin Star or having a dinner party with your friends, family or neighbors.

If you have family members that you have not seen or talked to in a long time, then maybe you may want to add a plan to have a family reunion.  You could plan a get-together at the beach or maybe rent a big enough cabin for everyone to stay in.  Beaches usually have bungalows and cottages directly on the beach you can stay in.  If the beach is not your preference, you can stay in the woods in a log cabin.  You can put the grandkids in a tent close by so they can enjoy a night under the stars!  Camping or glamping, you are bound to have a great time especially when you are surrounded by many generations of your wonderful family.

No matter how far into your senior citizen status you are, remember you still have life in your body, breath in your lungs, and strength in your muscles.  Get your body moving.  Get things accomplished.  See what this wonderful life has to offer.  Start checking things off and when there is nothing left to check off, make another list.  The possibilities are endless.

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