The buyer/provider will walk you through the process and with the information you provide they are able to determine if you qualify and then make an offer to purchase your life insurance policy.1. Health questionnaire. You’ll need to complete a health questionnaire.2. Authorization. The insured and the policy owner (if different from the insured) will need to provide authorization for the life settlement Provider to contact the insurance company on your behalf and access medical records.3. Insurance Policy Documents. You will need to provide a copy of the life insurance policy. If you don’t have copies available, the life settlement Provider can request these documents from the insurance company with your authorization.4. Evaluation. The life settlement Provider will evaluate all the details of the policy and medical records to help determine value.5. Offer. With all the necessary information, the life settlement provider may proceed with making you a cash offer for the policy.6. Closing. The closing process is the actual transfer of ownership of the policy to the Provider with all the accompanying documentation. During closing, your settlement payment will be placed in escrow until your insurance company has verified the change of ownership. Once verified, the escrow agent releases the funds and you receive your cash payout.