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As you get older, you realize the importance of exercise and staying healthy. It seems so much easier when you’re young. When you are younger, you recover from illnesses faster, you’re more resilient, you have more energy, and it seems as if you can conquer everything. All that changes once you reach your golden years. At this point, you start worrying about things like blood sugar, cognitive health, your immune system, and heart disease. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to stay healthy and fit as a senior. As you’ll discover, there are plenty of sports that you can safely play to help you stay in good shape and good health.

Best indoor sports for seniors.

Starting with the best sports for seniors to participate in while indoors, shuffleboard comes to mind. Shuffleboard is a low-impact sport making it an ideal choice for seniors with limited mobility. You can employ all kinds of strategies and tricks that will keep your mind engaged when playing shuffleboard. Another advantage is that you will also be able to socialize with friends. Shuffleboard is an excellent sport for those who enjoy a little friendly competition.


If you enjoyed playing pool or billiards in your youth, there’s no reason to stop playing as a senior. Playing pool or billiards competitively exercises the mind and helps maintain hand-eye coordination.


Throwing darts is an excellent sport for seniors. You can play darts indoors and find a dartboard in most sports bars. Throwing darts is a fun way to make friends and meet new people. Another reason it’s a smart idea to play darts is that it helps maintain hand-eye coordination. When you’re getting older, your hand-eye coordination can start declining and playing darts is a fun and easy way to preserve your hand-eye proficiency.

Best outdoor sports for seniors.

Some sports are best played outside. If you enjoy getting your exercise outdoors, you’ll want to choose sports from the following list.


Golf is one of the sports that seniors enjoy the most. As an outdoor sport, playing golf gives you a chance to relax and get plenty of fresh air while enjoying a competitive sport. You can find plenty of public and private golf courses around the country.


You might be surprised to hear that there are plenty of senior softball teams to join around the country and playing softball is a great outdoor sport to get great exercise. To find a team, check out the SSUSA or Senior Softball USA and look for a team from in your area.

Sports that seniors can participate in outdoors or indoors.

For those looking for a sport you can play indoors or outdoors, you’ll want to check out our list of sports below.


Swimming is something that you can do outside at the beach or an outdoor or indoor pool. The choice is yours, but either way, you can get in a good exercise by taking a few laps back and forth.


Tennis is a sport that can be played either indoors or outdoors as well and it’s a great sport for seniors who want to stay fit and limber. If you prefer playing tennis indoors, check with your local Parks and Recreation website to find indoor tennis courts that are free or conservatively priced. Likewise, you can search online to find outdoor courts. Depending on where you live, you may have various private and public options to choose from. Tennis is also a social sport where you can meet new people.

How to afford private memberships.

When it comes to playing sports as a senior, nothing beats having a private membership. Private golf clubs are like luxurious palaces on the green, there’s excellent food, and you can grab a drink afterward to celebrate your victory on the course. Likewise, private indoor tennis memberships can cost a pretty penny as well. So how do you afford the membership costs if you’re already struggling to keep up with the bills? For most seniors, the answer is a life settlement. While some seniors can sell shares in their portfolio to raise to pay for private memberships, many seniors don’t have the luxury. Just because you don’t have a lot of extra cash on hand or stocks to sell shouldn’t exclude you from playing at some of the finest golf courses and tennis courts.

What is a life settlement?

A life settlement involves selling a life insurance policy for a lump sum payment to a licensed buyer. If you want to pay for that private membership and start playing in style or just need extra cash, you can potentially sell your life insurance policy for a significant cash payout. A life settlement could change your financial circumstances and your life.

Time to call MRE Finance.

Here at MRE Finance, we believe that your golden years should be some of the best years of your life. We help seniors get the cash they need to live more comfortably by selling their life insurance policies. Suppose you are already comfortable but can’t afford that country or tennis club. In that case, you may be able to after selling your life insurance policy for significantly more than the cash surrender value.

Now that you have discovered the advantages that a life settlement may offer, it’s time to find a buyer for your policy. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone; MRE Finance has a team of experts that can help you find a suitable offer for your life insurance policy.

Want to find out what your policy could be worth? Try our Free Life Settlement Calculator and receive an estimated value of your policy in minutes. If you prefer to speak with one of our specialist’s, give us a call at 1-800-521-0770. You will be surprised how selling your life policy can enhance your life so you can enjoy every moment.

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