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Apps are all the rage these days, and more seniors are using apps than ever before. According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of seniors age 65 and older use the Internet and 42% own smartphones.If you’re just getting into the swing of things and still learning how to use your smartphone, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of tips to help get you started. With tens of thousands of apps available and more coming out daily, picking the best ones that also specifically address the needs of seniors can be overwhelming. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular and free apps for seniors.

Why seniors should be using apps

The reason why seniors should be using apps isn’t just because everyone else is. There are plenty of apps out there that can make your life much easier and more enjoyable. For example, there are apps to help you keep in touch with loved ones, play music, play games, and save money on your prescriptions.

So what apps are most popular among seniors? Read on and find out!


One of the most popular apps among seniors is Skype. It’s incredibly popular with older folks because it makes it easy for them to communicate for video or calling with friends and family. Many seniors started to use Skype to keep in touch with folks after the pandemic swept across the world preventing millions from being able to visit their loved ones.  Skype is easy to use and helps bring seniors closer to the people they love without putting themselves at risk.


This is an app that provides senior-specific news local events and discounts with restaurants, travel and so much more. You will need an AARP membership to enjoy the benefits.


The WebMD app is one of the most useful apps for seniors by far which has made it very popular with this demographic. Older folks are naturally inclined to be interested in healthcare and WebMD’s app makes it easy for the elderly to look up information on symptoms, conditions and treatments that can help them come up with questions to ask their doctor.

Another great feature that the WebMD app provides is a pill identifier. You can also use the app to set medication reminders to keep your intake of pills on track.  Just remember, nothing on WebMD constitutes actionable medical advice, always consult with your doctor whenever you have a major health concern.

Find My iPhone

For those that use an iPhone or iPad, this app is built into your device. It’s easy to set-up, just turn the “Find my iPhone” switch on and you will always be able to find your device if you lose it or if it gets stolen.

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

When you’re in your golden years, your eyesight isn’t what it used to be. That’s why so many seniors love the Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app. You can use it to magnify and illuminate small print whenever you have difficulty reading. You can use the app to help make it easier to read anything from a dinner menu to medical paperwork or a rental agreement.  Using this app definitely beats pulling out a flashlight and a magnifying glass separately. When you have this app on your phone, it’ll be ready to use wherever you go. Apps like these help seniors preserve their sense of dignity and you won’t have to ask people to read things for you.


GoodRx has become extremely popular with seniors and for good reason. As a person with a lot of medications, you have probably experienced the frustration of not being able to find a fair price for your prescriptions.  When you have the GoodRx app on your phone, you can easily compare prescription prices and find coupons to save money on your medications.


Many seniors struggle to remember passwords for all of the different websites and services they use online. You will be glad to know that it’s not just the older folks that have trouble remembering all of their passwords, the youngsters out there also have a hard time keeping it straight which is why they use apps like LastPass.  LastPass is an app that is very popular with seniors that have trouble remembering their passwords. This app stores all of your passwords in one central location so that you can easily look them up whenever you need to. You can also choose to have the app remember passwords for certain sites to make it faster and easier to log in.

Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Staying fit is extremely important for senior citizens that are serious about their health. Yoga Exercises for Seniors is a great free app that makes it easy for seniors to follow safe yet effective yoga exercises.By doing a little yoga every couple of days or so, you’ll feel healthier which means you’ll feel happier, body, mind and soul. This app is easy to use and provides users with a tangible benefit.

Apps for seniors that love the news

If you love the news, you can download an app from your favorite news source. You can find an app for Fox News and CNN. Having an app for getting the news makes it easy to stay up to date.  If global or national news doesn’t interest you, try looking for an app that focuses on local news and events. Keeping up with the news helps you feel connected.

What to know about life insurance apps

If you have life insurance, odds are the company that issued your policy encouraged you to install their app on your phone. Most of the time, these apps just make life insurance even more confusing, especially for seniors.

So do you really need to keep an app from your life insurance company on your phone? Perhaps the better question is, do you really need your life insurance policy at all? If you’re strapped for cash, you can sell your life insurance policy and delete the app to make way for something more entertaining like Candy Crush.  All you need to do is sell your life insurance policyfora life settlement. You’ll get paid handsomely and have more room on your phone, now that’s a twofer!

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