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Everyone thinks about what they want for themselves so much that seniors often get left by the wayside as something of an afterthought. That said, knowing what seniors desire most is more important than most people might think. Here’s an in-depth look at what seniors want most of all.

Why it matters

So why should anyone care about what seniors want? If you are already a senior yourself, you probably know the answer to this question. However, if you haven’t reached your golden years yet and you’re confused as to why something like this would matter, look at it this way. Like it or not, you’ll be a senior before you know it.  Age has a way of creeping up on people. One minute you’re in your mid-twenties living large without ever thinking about tomorrow. The next minute, you’re middle aged and raising a family as you navigate the challenges of life. Then, in what seems like the blink of an eye to most, you’re retired, and you’re elderly and dependent on help from others to take care of yourself.  It goes fast, all too fast of course, but the point is everyone will be a seniorat some point in their lives which is why learning what seniors want the most is so important. Even if it doesn’t matter so much right now, it will someday. The more prepared you are for that day, the more comfortable you’ll be by the time you reach your golden years.  If you have elderly parents, grandparents, or loved ones, you’ll want to know what they desire the most so that you can help them.

What seniors want

What do seniors want? One could argue that seniors want lots of things. They want nice cars, big houses, and lots of vacations. Or maybe they want more time with friends and family. Then again, perhaps all they want is to go fishing. Who can say? Why not ask the question, you might be very surprised by their answer.

What seniors want the most

While there are plenty of things that one could say seniors want, what really matters is what they want the most. The question to be asking here is what do seniors desire the most above all else? Most would agree that the things most wanted include health, dignity, economic independence, comfort and a peaceful death.  It might not sound like much, but when you’re an elderly person, you’ll know exactly why these things matter so much. Let’s take a look at a few priorities for seniors.


Few things matter more than dignity to seniors. By the time health deteriorates and you require assistance to take a shower or utilize the lavatory, you’ll understand why dignity is so important.  Being a senior is hard and while they should be proud of themselves for reaching old age, every day seems to bring new challenges. Seniors want to face those challenges with dignity and grace.

Economic independence

The next thing wanted above anything else is economic independence. Economic dependence can have tragic consequences for seniors. For example, seniors that are financially dependent on family members results in a potentially dangerous loss of control.  Elderly folks that depend on family members for money lose a great deal of control over their circumstances, in essence, their life. This means that they could be forced to live in a substandard nursing home with disturbingly poor care.  For seniors, a nursing home with poor care can be a death sentence. When seniors need assistance, they depend on professionals to help them take care of basic needs and medical concerns. Poor care can result in a sharp decline in health. The best defense against such situations is economic independence. If you’re a senior and you’re concerned that you will run out of money, you should consider a life settlement. A life settlement is a simple and straightforward agreement in which someone sells a life insurance policy for lump-sum cash payout.  For many seniors, the money they make after selling their life insurance policy funds the remainder of their retirement. By selling your life insurance policy, you can live in comfort and confidence and above all, keep your financial independence.

A peaceful death

Finally, seniors want a peaceful death. No one wants to die in agony while gasping for breath, in pain, or on an operating table. For most seniors, a peaceful death ranks highly among the things that they want the most.  Seniors want to be able to look back upon a long and eventful life with pride before peacefully passing on. Selling your life insurance policy can help give you access to the kind of funds that you will need to secure comfortable accommodations and competent care in your final years.

Benefits of selling your life insurance policy

There are many benefits associated with selling a life insurance policy in a life settlement. First of all, it will ease your financial burden and may provide you the economic independence you want or the extra funds to do something special.  With the money from your life settlement, you’ll be able to live out your golden years in peace and dignity while enjoying life more.  In many ways, a life settlement can be the key to getting everything that seniors want most. You’ll have the cash to pay for equipment and services that can preserve your dignity. You’ll also have enough money to remain financially independent for the duration of your retirement. Finally, you will have a much higher chance of a peaceful death.  When someone is constantly worried about finances and cannot pay for medical services, death becomes more unpleasant than it already is. Selling your life policy may provide you peace of mind.

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