Divorce After 70
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Divorce has become increasingly common in our society. While most people don’t enter a marriage with the idea, it will end in divorce, that’s exactly what’s happening to millions of people, including seniors. This has created a national conundrum that has made life difficult for older people across the country. Here’s what you need to know about divorce after the age of 70.

Take time to recover.

Divorce is very taxing emotionally, mentally, and usually financially as well. When a marriage ends in divorce, it’s common for there to be a lot of squabbling over how assets are divided. A divorce is an emotionally charged event that leaves most people exhausted, whether they’re 30 or 70.

Ways for Seniors to CopeIf you find yourself feeling completely and utterly wiped out after a divorce, you are not alone. Millions of people find themselves feeling drained after a divorce, irrespective of how old they are. This means that it is essential that you take time to recover and re-learn how to live on your own.

Before getting back into the dating scene, you need to take time to find yourself again. While it might be tempting to rush out and start dating again, it’s best to take a step back and give yourself a chance to heal.

If you rush into a new relationship shortly after a divorce, you won’t be doing yourself or your potential new partner any favors. That’s because you will still be mentally and emotionally preoccupied. By taking time to heal, you will be in a much better condition to start dating again, and your new relationship will have a higher chance of success.

Why people get divorced after 70.

While you take time to recover, you might find yourself wondering why you got divorced in the first place. While all of the struggles with dealing with attorneys and in court might seem like they took forever, by the time it’s all over, it feels like it was all just one big whirlwind.

When you get divorced, it uproots your life and challenges your resolve, especially when the divorce petition came as a surprise to you. For those still unsure how you got to this point, consider the many reasons people 70 or older choose to get divorced.

While some choose to get divorced after age 70 is because they just can’t live with each other anymore, some reasons are more complicated. For example, men sometimes struggle to accept their mortality, leading them to divorce their partners in search of someone younger.

Being with someone younger than yourself helps men feel more youthful than they are. Finding a soul that is content to stay with someone and grow old with them without flinching is incredibly difficult.

Another reason why some folks get divorced after age 70 is a more practical one; they have different goals for the future. If one partner decides to live out their golden years in an exotic and adventurous place like Costa Rica while others prefer to stay in the safe and familiar surroundings of their hometown…..it could lead to divorce.

When someone wants to move to a faraway place the other party has no interest in, one of the two will be miserable. Regardless of why people get divorced after 70, more and more seniors are calling it quits and this should be an eye-opener.

How to handle divorce after 70.

One of the most challenging parts of any divorce is deciding how to handle it. Although some couples are amicable enough to divide their assets without conflict or mediation, it’s always a good idea to hire an attorney to handle the divorce.

Some of the most painful divorces involve grown children who side with one parent and encourage them to take the other to the cleaners. For example, suppose a grown child has reason to believe they would stand to inherit less from one parent or the other. In that case, they could use the divorce as an opportunity to ensure that more assets are awarded to the parent that is more likely to pass those assets onto them in turn. This is an awful thought, but you will be surprised how common this is.

This is just another good reason to have a talented attorney at your side during your divorce. The more skillful your attorney is, the less painful your divorce will be so you can move on. A skilled attorney can ensure that you will keep your share of the assets that you are entitled and this will help to keep you in good financial health…. independently.

Funding a divorce or life after divorce.

Another problematic aspect of divorce after age 70 is financing. When you have an attorney, divorce is expensive. That said, you could lose even more money if you don’t have an attorney to represent you throughout the divorce proceedings.

While no one wants to sit around thinking about how to finance a divorce, it’s a practical concern that most seniors don’t think of until it’s too late.

How to finance your divorce or life after divorce by selling your life insurance policy.

One of the worst things about getting a divorce is that it tends to wipe out one’s finances. While some people end up making money from a divorce and walking away with the lion’s share of the assets, many others lose tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Financing a new life after a costly divorce is much easier when you can sell your life insurance policy. Depending on your age, health status, and premiums, most life insurance policies can be sold for 10% to 30% of the death benefit or more! The best part is you can use the money from a life settlement for whatever you want!

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